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The food sector is our core business, specifically the bakery and bread segment in which we have been working since the establishment of our company in 1957. Schutte bagclosures has over fifty-five years of knowledge and experience, which is to the advantage of our customers. We know what we are talking about, we know the ins and outs of the market and we have a huge network. There is close collaboration with packers, engineers and machine suppliers and we offer customized solutions for the bag closing machines of our customers. We realize that we are part of the production process and the logistic process, and that both processes may never falter. 

For us hygiene comes first. Our processes satisfy the latest requirements of food legislation. Among others we are ISO9001 certified. Quality, safety and hygiene are standard for Schutte bagclosures.

Especially for the bakery segment Schutte bagclosures has developed the XtraGrip®. Inspired by a specific question from a supermarket chain our research and development department started playing. An extra profile was added to the existing clip band. Now the bag closes even better, the storage life of the product has been prolonged and the presentation has been improved. At Schutte bagclosures we love such challenges. And if there are no demands from the market, we invent something new ourselves. Always innovating and exploring. That’s us.