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Welcome to Schutte bagclosures BV

Market leader in the field of producing, selling and developing closures and binding material. Always working on innovations for bag closures. WELCOME TO SCHUTTE BAGCLOSURES BV.

We are the partner in the field of all sorts of bag closures. We have hundreds of closures, with and without wire, in thousands of varieties. Most production techniques have been developed within our company and our research and development department is always working on the latest developments. We deliver a very consistent quality. Our people know the market. They listen to their customers and think along with them. Our company is characterized by enthusiasm for research, curiosity and passion.

Schutte bagclosures, with business locations in The Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany and the United States of America, is continually developing. Ambition, enthusiasm and knowledge are the spearheads for our company, combined with sixty years of experience.


  • 50 million bag closures a day
  • Number 1 in Europe, number 3 worldwide
  • An export of 80% to 60 countries all over the world
  • Hundreds of products in the product divisions: food, bag producers, agriculture and industry
  • 12 billion bag closures a year
  • 55 employees of 6 nationalities
  • 3000 customers
  • 5 business locations in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and the United States of America
  • A worldwide network of over 30 agents and distributors
  • Stock at many locations throughout the world

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Keep searching for challenges. Always look for the better approach. Have a keen eye for opportunities. Find solutions. Push the boundaries. Head for discovery. And have fun doing it. At Schutte we believe that you can make true progress if you keep on playing.